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Banquet halls featuring a down to earth atmosphere unique to a hotel

We have banquet halls available that can be used for various purposes including seminars or meetings, as well as parties for small groups. Our banquet halls feature a down to earth atmosphere that is unique to a hotel.

Sakura no Ma

A city hotel-class grand banquet hall

Sakura no Ma features a retractable seating system. Our on-site catering plan offers a wide range of dining selections, from buffet-style menus to sit-down Kaiseki Ryori dinners.

Max. occupancy 120 ppl
Hall area 398 SQM

Shima no Ma

A floor space of over 80 SQM, even when split

This hall can accommodate up to 40 guests for a sit-down dinner. Located adjacent to the front desk on the 4th floor, it can be used by both hotel guests and non-guests.

Max. occupancy 64 ppl
Hall area 167 SQM

Katsura no Ma

A perfect space for family dinners

Katsura no Ma is a banquet hall located adjacent to the front desk on the 4th floor. It can be segmented into three smaller banquet halls - Katsura, Kaede, and Kiri, each of which can be rented as a perfect venue for a small private dinner.

Max. occupancy 72 ppl
Hall area 84 tatami mats (approx. 139 SQM)
Miyako Resort Okushima Aqua Forest

Miyako Resort Okushima Aqua Forest

3238-1, Funakoshi, Daiou-cho, Shima City, Mie 517-0604, Japan

Check-in time 15:00

Check-out time 11:00

Tel: +81-599-73-0001

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