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  • Shima Kanko Hotel  the Baysuites

Michelin Guide

On May 19th issue of Michelin guide of Aichi, Gifu and Mie 2019, Shima Kanko Hotel is published.

  • 【French Restaurant La Mer】one star restaurant
  • 【Shima Kanko Hotel The Bay suites】5 Red Pavilion
  • 【Shima Kanko Hotel The Classic】4 Pavilion

Executive Chef Hiroe Higuchi

2017 Bronze Award Winner of 8th Annual Forestry and Fisheries Cooking Prize for "Cooking Masters" by Ministry of Agriculture.

She was the first female chef honored for Bronze Award in the 8th, RYORI MASTERS 2017.



All rooms are suites

Even a Superior Suite, a standard room, ensures the size of 100 square meters. The "FUTON" (Japanese-style mattress) suite for up-to three people, and spa suite where you can enjoy spa treatment are also available.



Restaurant "La Mer"

The restaurant "La Mer," besides the traditional French menu, offers "seafood French cuisine" evolved incorporating new techniques and trends of French cooking. Enjoy Kaiseki-ryori, a full-scale Japanese traditional cuisine.



Library lounge

Ise-Shima natural scenery spreads in front at the panoramic size. To assist you to spend sojourn time slowly, the Library is provided on the top floor, we offer a drink or small confectionery.



Blue water, abundant green and the beautiful air

There are many tourist attractions which can be enjoyed through four seasons in Ise-Shima. Why don't you find a reserved journey of your own.



Shima Kanko Hotel offers various activities.

Enjoy the nature of Shima, Japanese cultural experience, and traditional craft by Mie.Please inquire for details, dates and times,entry fee of activities.


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Shima Kanko Hotel The Bay Suites

Shima Kanko Hotel The Bay Suites

731, Shinmei, Ago-cho, Shima City, Mie 517-0502, Japan

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