New Plus Member Registration

Terms and Conditions of Membership

1. Organization name

This member organization is known as "Miyako Plus", and is operated by Miyako Hotels and Resorts ("MHR"), which is supervised by Kintetsu Miyako Hotels International, Inc.

2. Enrollment and membership qualifications

(1) Enrollment

There are no enrollment fees or annual membership fees.
You may apply for membership by completing an enrollment form, indicating your agreement to these Terms and Conditions, and submitting the form to the reception desk at any MHR hotel. You may also apply from the MHR home page. In either case, enrollment will be considered completed (i.e. membership qualifications will be granted) upon the issue of your Miyako Plus Card.

(2) Membership qualifications

1. Membership cards can be used only by Miyako Plus members and may not be transferred or loaned to others.
2. If a member does not comply with these Terms and Conditions or if a member engages in inappropriate conduct, he/she will lose his/her membership qualifications.

3. Point system

(1) Addition of points

1. Please present your Miyako Plus Card when making payment at MHR hotels. 10 points will be awarded for every \108 spent for hotel stays and dining.
2. Points will be offered to customers paying at a hotel by cash, credit card (including gift vouchers issued by credit card companies), or other means approved by MHR.
3. For accommodation, points will be awarded for reservations made through directly via the MHR Reservation Center or the MHR home page. These Points will be awarded up to 5 guest rooms per day per Miyako Plus Card.
4. For restaurants / bars, points will be offered for food, beverage and service charges. Points will only be added to one Miyako Plus Card (up to 10 customers) per payment.
5. Restaurants and bars that offer points display a sign indicating that they accept Miyako Plus Cards.
6. Points are offered for some wedding-related services at MHR hotels. Please inquire the hotel for more details.
7. When points are added to your Miyako Plus Card, you will be informed of the number of points that have just been added and the total number of points on your card.
8. 100,000 points are the maximum points that can be added to your Miyako Plus Card.
9. For more information on facilities that can be used, see the guide booklet or the Miyako Plus members' page ("Members' Page") on the MHR home page.

(2) Using benefits

1. When using the Miyako Plus Card benefits for your stay, please reserve from the members’ page of the MHR website or via MHR Reservation Center no later than a day before the stay. Reservations are strongly recommended in order to avoid non availability room.
2. To use a restaurant or bar, contact the hotel of choice directly no later than the day before. Reservations are advisable for Restaurants / Bar use in case of full house.
3. For information about other hotel products, contact the relevant hotel directly .
4. To request an MHR gift check, complete an application form (postcard) available at the reception desk at any MHR hotel and post it to MHR or apply from the Members' Page. If you post the application form, the gift check will be sent to you around 10 days after MHR receives the postcard. Points will be deducted when the gift check is sent out. Making payments by Gift Checks purchased as a gift will be excluded from adding points.

When using benefits, present your Miyako Plus Card and inform the staff of the plan you would like to use. If you do not present your Miyako Plus Card, you will not be able to use any benefits, so always bring your card with you.
When you use benefits, you will be informed of the number of points that have just been deducted and the total number of points left on your card.
No points will be added for a payment made with a gift check that has been prepared as a benefit.

4.Changing details

Be sure to contact the Miyako Plus Customer Desk if your address, name (surname), phone number, or other details change. Members can also change these details themselves from the Miyako Plus Members' Page.
If you do not inform us of any changes to these details, we will not be able to notify you about points and other information.

5. Managing card and password

(1)Miyako Plus Card management

Take special care of your Miyako Plus Card. If your card is lost, we will reissue it (reissue fee of 500 yen, tax-inclusive). Inquire at the reception desk at your nearest MHR hotel.
MHR shall bear no liability for any damage incurred by a member as a result of the loss or theft of his/her card.

(2) Password management

The setting, changing, and managing of passwords are the responsibility of the member.
MHR shall bear no liability for any damage incurred by a member as a result of information leakage or similar.

6. Cancellation of membership

1. If a member does not add points during the two years following the month in which he/she last used his/her card, he/she shall forfeit his/her membership qualifications and any points he/she has accumulated. The expiration date of the card is the same as the period for which membership qualifications are held.
2. Membership shall be canceled at the request of the member or in the event of his/her death.

7. Handling of information related to individuals ("Personal Information")

Miyako shall appropriately handle the member's Personal Information based on the separate Privacy Policy.

(1)Specification of purposes for which Personal Information is used

Personal information will be used to provide information related to Miyako Plus services. However, if a member indicates that he/she no longer wishes to receive such information, MHR will stop sending information to an extent that does not interfere with the operation of business. Accordingly, even if a member has requested that he/she no longer wishes to receive such information, MHR will notify him/her of information that it judges to be important.

Cards, direct mail, and other materials will not be sent to addresses outside Japan.

(2)Sharing of Personal Information

Kintetsu Miyako Hotels International and the following Miyako Plus member hotels share the Personal Information of members, etc., stipulated in paragraph (1) of this article for the purpose of providing members, etc., with services from the Miyako Plus business and member hotels.

Facilities that share Personal Information

  • Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo
  • Miyako City Tokyo Takanawa
  • Gifu Miyako Hotel
  • Yokkaichi Miyako Hotel
  • Tsu Miyako Hotel
  • Shima Kanko Hotel
  • Hotel Shima Spain Mura
  • Prime Resort Kashikojima
  • Hotel Kintetsu Aquavilla Ise Shima
  • Kashikojima Hojoen
  • Westin Miyako Kyoto
  • New Miyako Hotel
  • Hotel Kintetsu Kyoto Station
  • Nara Hotel
  • Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka
  • Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel
  • Tennoji Miyako Hotel
  • Hotel Kintetsu Universal City
  • Miyako Hotel New Archaic
  • Mikasa Ryokan
  • Miyako Hotel Los Angeles
  • Miyako Hybrid Hotel Torrance (California)

Organization with responsibility for management of Personal Information

Kintetsu Miyako Hotels International, Inc.

8. Changing terms and service content

(1) These Terms and Conditions, products that are eligible for points, and benefit contents are subject to change without prior notice.
(2) MHR shall bear no liability for any damage incurred by a member as a result of the previous clause.

9. Termination of Miyako Plus service

(1) In the event that the Miyako Plus service itself is terminated, notification will be provided at least 6 months in advance. Benefit redemption will also be terminated when the service is terminated.
(2) MHR shall bear no liability for any damage incurred by a member as a result of the previous clause.

10. Miscellaneous provisions

(1) You may not entrust your Miyako Plus Card to a hotel.
(2) Miyako Plus Card points cannot be redeemed for cash.
(3) It is not possible to combine points from multiple Miyako Plus Cards.
(4) Points from a card cannot be used in conjunction with points form other cards.


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