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Miyako Hotels & Resorts Website Policy

  • Miyako Hotels & Resorts Website Policy

This Website is operated by Kintetsu Miyako Hotels International, Inc. (hereinafter "Company").
Please read the following carefully and agree to the terms stated therein before using this Website.
Please use the contents according to the terms of use provided therein after reading the respective terms of use.

1. Privacy

The five member companies of Miyako Hotels & Resorts Group shown below will seek to ensure the protection of your personal information. For the privacy policies of our four domestic companies, please visit the following websites:

Privacy Policies of our member companies
  • Kintetsu Enterprises Company of America

The Company will not use your personal information obtained during your use of this Website except for the intended purpose. In addition, except as set forth in laws or regulations, the Company will not provide any personal information to a third party without obtaining in advance the consent of the individual concerned.

Exception of third party provision

(1)Contracting out

The Company may contract out the whole or part of its business involved in handling personal information after taking safety control measures for the contractor.


It is possible that personal data will be provided if there is a business succession by merger or any other cause.

(3)Shared use

Part of the personal data will be shared by the Miyako Hotels & Resorts member companies. In case any policy is set forth separately regarding the handling of personal information, such policy will govern.

(i) Items of personal data subject to shared use

Name (including reading), e-mail address, address, telephone number, sex, date of birth, password

(ii) Scope of parties to share use

Miyako Hotels & Resorts member companies

  • Kintetsu Miyako Hotels International, Inc.
  • Kintetsu Leisure Service Co., Ltd.
  • Kintetsu Ryokan Systems, Inc.
  • Nara Hotel
  • Kintetsu Enterprises Company of America

(iii) Purpose of use by parties to share use

  • Provision of accommodations, parties, restaurant services, etc.
  • Provision of reservation services for accommodations
  • Provision of Internet reservation service
  • Operation of Miyako Plus Cards and understanding the use status of privileges
  • Sending direct mail and distribution by e-mail of product and service information
  • Market research including marketing analyses and product development
  • Materials for determining the selected information to be sent to you
  • Response to inquiries

(iv) Party responsible for the control of relevant personal data

Kintetsu Miyako Hotels International, Inc.

Personal information provided by you through questionnaires, etc. will also be used for the intended purpose, and may be used for providing you with information about the Company's services and/or products by visiting, telephone, direct mail, or e-mail based on your consent.

2. Copyright

The rights related to any and all contents shown on this Website such as text, images, illustrations, pictures, music data, and programs (hereinafter collectively called "Contents") will belong to the Company or the original authors.
No privately-made duplicate of these Contents may be used beyond the scope allowed by law.
No act constituting a violation of the Copyright Act or any other law such as duplication, alteration, reproduction, sale, or publication without the permission of the Company and/or the original authors will be allowed.

3. Trademark

The rights to all the trademarks and logos shown on this Website will belong to the Company or the respective holders of the relevant rights.
Except as allowed by law including the Trademark Act, no trademark or logo may be used without permission or due authority.


The Company will not be liable in any manner for any problem, loss, or damage arising in relation to information shown on this Website or resulting from the use of this Website.
Please note that the Company may change or delete the composition, terms of use, URL, Contents, etc. of this Website without advance notice, or discontinue or cease the operation of this Website.

5.Prohibited Matters

In using this Website, the following acts are prohibited:

(1) Acts of obstructing, or causing problems with, the operation of this Website;
(2) Acts which do or may cause problems, disadvantage, or damage to other users, third parties, or the Company;
(3) Acts which do or may violate property, privacy, etc. of other users, third parties, or the Company;
(4) Acts which do or may violate public order and morals;
(5) Acts which do or may violate laws, regulations, or ordinances; and
(6) Any other act which is judged inappropriate by the Company.

6.Linked websites

Any websites linked from this Website site are operated on the responsibility of the respective operators, and the Company offers no guarantee regarding their contents. The Company will also not be liable for any problem or damage arising out of the use of such websites.

7.Governing Law

Except as set forth separately, the use of this Website and the interpretation and application of this Policy will be governed by the laws of Japan.


Marketing and Sales Planning Department, Kintetsu Miyako Hotels International, Inc. 06-6774-7680

Business hour: 9:00 - 17:00 on weekdays

Established on April 1, 2015

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