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The castle that Dosan Saito and Nobunaga Oda cleaved in 16th Century

The castle is located on the summit of Mount Kinkazan, and it is said that a fort was built for the first time by the Kamakura shogunate Butler Yukimasa Nikaido government in 1201. In the Sengoku era in 15th Century the castle was built by Dosan Saito, which was captured and lived by Nobunaga Oda in 1567.

Summer tradition of Gifu City

Ukai of Nagara is inherited as a summer tradition of Gifu, having a history of more than 1,300 years. Usho, or cormorant fisher, dressed in traditional costumes on a small boat will hunt Ayu (sweetfish) by manipulating freely the cormorant while applying voice "Ho-Ho", the visitors to see these movements are invited to the world of subtle and profound.

It's a superb view of cure under the eyes!

This is a ropeway connecting the Gifu Park and the Mount Kinkazan.
You can enjoy the natural beauty and landscape of the Nagara River of four seasons.

Healing Buddha

This is counted as one of Japan's three Buddha figures. This Buddha boasts the biggest Buddha in Japan as a lacquer Buddha.
The womb has been enshrined Medicine Buddha. Its gentle expression and majesty, such as those smiling to us is truly a healing space.

Let's Taste the retro air

Cityscape continued from Ukai viewing boat landing of Nagara Bridge Minamitsume west "Minatomachi-Tamai Town, Motohama town" is old streets with lattice door called known as "Kawaramachi," are still remaining. It is very near from the landing point of the Ukai viewing boat, and it is also recommended to explore before Ukai viewing.

Gifu Miyako Hotel

Gifu Miyako Hotel

2695-2 Nagara Fukumitsu, Gifu City, Gifu 502-0817, Japan

Check-in time 14:00

Check-out time 12:00

Tel: +81-58-295-3100

Fax: +81-58-295-3200

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