Miyako Hotel Hakata will open near the Chikushi Exit at JR Hakata Station in autumn, 2019

The interior of the hotel will be decorated with local traditional culture to enhance the cozy atmosphere. The lobby lounge on the 3rd floor will serve as a "hotel garden" where guests and visitors can enjoy events and gatherings while surrounded by greenery. On the top floor, there are restaurants, an outdoor hot spring spa (swimsuit required) and indoor bath facilities that use hot spring water to offer guests an exquisite time surrounded by the greenery, water and the sky.


「Features greenery, water, and light as the main theme. The ample greenery is arranged three-dimensionally. The waterfall facade is reminiscent of the spectacular landscape of Kyushu. While at night, it will be illuminated to add to the excitement of the city. We look forward to serving you as a leading hotel that contributes to the formation of a "core urban area for international exchange in Asia" as well as being a new land mark of Chikushi Exit at JR Hakata Station.

Space where long-valued traditions respond to the current of the times We only deliver the services that are necessary and worthwhile for your exclusive experience with us.

Three-dimensionally arranged greenery and water enhance the fascination of the hotel where urbanness and the nature mingle. Hotel's facade with ambeance of nature also illustrates our perspective and the uniqueness of the hotel.


The entrance hall on the 1st floor guides you to the amazing reception lobby on the 3rd floor. Fresh greenery provided by trees, beams of sunlight through the leaves and the contrast between the tranquility and the vitality of the surroundings will kindle your expectations.


The decoration and details emphasize the character of the location. The reception lobby on the 3rd floor has been designed to surprise, thrill and excite you during your stay at the hotel.

Miyako Hotel Hakata

Miyako Hotel Hakata

2-1-1 Hakataeki-Higashi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka 812-0013, Japan