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+81-92-441-3113 For mobile phone users, call Business hours: 10:00 - 22:00

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Miyako Clean Guarantee Commitment

We are implementing the following hygiene and sanitization measures in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections and help guests enjoy a safe and comfortable stay at all our properties.

The best price is right here! 2019/10/10

We checked all of our rates across the web to make sure we have the best prices for guests right here on our website.



A luxurious space fitted with a huge window that gives off a feeling of openness.

Our guest rooms have a comfortable open space with an elegant yet relaxing modern Japanese design.
We can promise a pleasant and comfortable stay.



There are numerous gourmet restaurants to enjoy on the top floor of the hotel. An artistic French style can be experienced as well.

All day dining is offered so that guests can fully experience breakfast, lunch and dinner. We hope you can enjoy the new cuisine experience made using the carefully selected seasonal ingredients of Kyushu in the open space.



A spa resort with an elegantly flowing waterfall Onsen.

The good feeling of the night breeze, the lights shining on the water surface, the delicious cuisine and drinks, comfortable music. All of these will lead you to be released from ordinary life, help your heart be calm and enter into a relaxed state.



Recommended energetic spots of Fukuoka

Having flourished since ancient times as a city of merchants, there are various attractions such as shopping, cuisine, exploration and tourist spots.


2020.5.29 Press release Miyako Hotels & Resorts
Miyako Clean Guarantee Commitment
2020.1.24 Information Miyako Hotels & Resorts
In response to the spread of infection of the new coronavirus
2019.9.1 Information Miyako Hotels & Resorts
Miyako Hotels & Resorts staff wears “I speak your language” badges.
Miyako Hotel Hakata

Miyako Hotel Hakata

2-1-1 Hakataeki-Higashi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka 812-0013, Japan

Check-in time 3:00pm

Check-out time 12:00pm

Tel: +81-92-441-3111

Fax: +81-92-441-3122