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4F Main Banquet Floor

The main banquet floor has grand banquet halls which come complete with a reception hall and waiting rooms and can accommodate large-scale events such as international conventions.
It is a sublime space with exceptional functionality, offering top quality.


A grand banquet hall capable of accommodating 2,500 people combined with an accompanying reception fall

Featuring a stage platform, Naniwa is versatile enough to accommodate a broad range of events from receptions and dinner shows to academic conferences.
It can be segmented into two smaller halls, providing different layout options depending on the number of participants.

Max. occupancy THEATER 1,200 ppl
Hall area 1,032 SQM


A luxurious banquet hall capable of effects such as blue lighting

The 6 m-high ceiling and light from twinkling chandeliers add elegance and glamor to your event.
It can be segmented into three smaller halls with sliding wall partitions.

Max. occupancy THEATER 720 ppl
Hall area 653 SQM

Reception Hall, Icho

Reception hall with a view of a healing garden amid the city

Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka has a green rooftop garden, which changes its appearance with each season. Commanding a view of this garden, this reception hall can be used not only as a waiting room for the guests of events held in the Naniwa and Yamato halls, but also as a buffet-style party venue.

Hall area 660 SQM

Matsu & Take

Perfectly suited for a guest waiting room

The Matsu & Take rooms provide perfect waiting spaces for guests of events and celebrations being held in the Naniwa or Yamato halls, or can serve as waiting areas for lecturers of academic conferences or seminars.

Max. occupancy Sofa set: 16 ppl
Hall area 42 SQM

3F Banquet Floor

The Banquet Floor features medium-sized halls versatile enough to accommodate various types of events including conferences, parties, and weddings.
The floor provides high-quality spaces with a sophisticated, high-grade atmosphere.


An elegant, refined banquet hall with wooden walls and furniture creating perfect harmony

The hall presents an impressive, refined combination of a white base color and natural brown wooden walls and furniture. It offers a perfect venue for elegant celebratory events including wedding receptions, private dinners, and more.
Also equipped with a retractable screen to flexibly accommodate seminars and conferences.

Max. occupancy THEATER 200 ppl
Hall area 210 SQM


A banquet hall designed under the theme of "brilliant"

Using white as base color, the hall is bathed in radiant twinkling light from the chandeliers overhead. The hall is coordinated in a chic and elegant color shade by matching the color of the front wall and carpet. The light reflected in the mirrors on the walls adds elegant glamor to the hall.
It is best suited for elegant social gatherings such as wedding receptions and special private functions.

Max. occupancy THEATER 160 ppl
Hall area 197 SQM


A banquet hall featuring a distinguished academic atmosphere

The interior decor in brown color shades creates a distinguished academic atmosphere that is suitable for lecture meetings and conferences.
The Katsuragi hall has the widest entrance among the banquet halls on the 3rd floor, which makes it also suitable for celebrations and convivial parties.

Max. occupancy THEATER 160 ppl
Hall area 189 SQM


A banquet hall featuring elegant color shades, with a white base color accented with brown

Due to the relatively high position of the chandeliers, the Kongo hall can accommodate events using an image projector placed at the rear side of the hall.

Max. occupancy THEATER 160 ppl
Hall area 166 SQM


A refined banquet hall with a graceful atmosphere

The Kasuga hall can accommodate a wide range of events, including parties, dinner parties, seminars involving lectures, and the projection of materials.

Max. occupancy THEATER 120 ppl
Hall area 157 SQM


A distinguished banquet hall with a tranquil atmosphere

Featuring a tranquil atmosphere, the Mikasa hall accommodates a wide range of business events including meetings or trainings.
It can also be used for convivial parties after seminars.

Max. occupancy THEATER 120 ppl
Hall area 154 SQM


A banquet hall suitable for after-parties or stylish parties

Equipped with sofas, the Ise hall can accommodate a wide range of events including anniversaries, after-parties, stylish parties, or dinner parties.

Max. occupancy THEATER 100 ppl
Hall area 143 SQM


A room best suited as a waiting room for brides and grooms, or lecturers of seminars or academic meetings

The Shinju room provide perfect waiting spaces for brides and grooms, or lecturers of seminars or academic meetings.
The room is also equipped with a lavatory.

Max. occupancy Sofa set: 8 ppl
Hall area 20 SQM


Perfectly suited for a guest waiting room

The Akishino room can be used as a waiting room for lecturers of academic meetings or guests of anniversary or celebration parties. Adjoining the hotel's chapel, it is also perfect as a waiting room for wedding couples.

Max. occupancy Sofa set: 5 ppl
Hall area 18 SQM

20F Sky Banquet Floor

The Sky Banquet Floor features banquet halls with elegance and quality overlooking the city of Osaka.
The halls on this floor can flexibly accommodate various types of events, including engagement ceremonies, dinner parties, private gatherings, or small weddings.


A modern space with panoramic views of Osaka

Filled with soft sunlight during the day and lit by dreamy city lights at night, the Crystal hall provides a brilliant atmosphere for your event.
By renting the entire floor for your event, you can enjoy a special time with your company in an open atmosphere.

Max. occupancy CLASS ROOM 48 ppl
Hall area 117 SQM


A banquet hall commanding stunning panoramic views of Osaka

The Crystal hall offers a venue for dinners and parties with the people you cherish, adding an elegant atmosphere to the event.
It can also be used combination with the Crystal hall.

Max. occupancy CLASS ROOM 48 ppl
Hall area 117 SQM


A hall suitable for engagement parties or private dinners with your clients

Equipped with sofas, the Rose hall is perfect as a venue for engagement ceremonies, private dinners, or meetings with your important clients, or other private gatherings.

Max. occupancy DINNER 10 ppl
Hall area 63 SQM


A hall suitable for private dinners or dinners with your clients

The Margaret hall provides a space for friendly conversation, and is best suited for private dinners and dinners or meetings with important clients.

Max. occupancy DINNER 10 ppl
Hall area 41 SQM

5F Petite Banquet Floor

The Petit Banquet Floor features rooms best suited for small meetings.
They can be used for meetings, small gatherings, or as waiting rooms for guests.


A stylish meeting room

Equipped with a monitor and white board on the wall, the room enables smooth and compact meetings.
It can also be used as a multi-functional space for events other than meetings.

Max. occupancy THEATER 16 ppl
Hall area 54 SQM

Sweet Pea & Salvia

Accommodates up to 30 people when two rooms are combined

Salvia & Sweet Pea are small rooms that are perfect for meetings or as waiting rooms. When two rooms are combined, up to 30 people can be accommodated.

Max. occupancy THEATER 20 ppl
Hall area 40 SQM


A room suitable for small meetings or as a waiting room for guests

The Freesia room is suitable for meetings of up to 20 people or as a waiting room for guests. In addition, since there are five rooms of this type located side by side, they can be used for sectional meetings.

Max. occupancy THEATER 27 ppl
Hall area 54 SQM


A room best suited for cocktail parties of up to 20 people

The Cosmos room is suitable for meetings with box-lunch style meals or cocktail parties after meetings.

Max. occupancy THEATER 27 ppl
Hall area 54 SQM
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