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0120-333-001 (Inside Japan Only) Weekday / 9:00~22:00 Saturdays, holidays / 9:00~20:00


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Guest Lounge

An exclusive space for guests to unwind in

Make yourself at home in our Reading Room and Listening Room, or simply sit back and relax on the deck and enjoy the splendid, uninterrupted view of Ago Bay.(Guests only)

The Classic Boutique

High quality souvenirs from Mie Prefecture

A collection of pearl products and local goods and handicrafts, all carefully selected by the Hotel.

The Classic Shop

Original gifts to remind you of your trip

The Classic Shop offers exclusive Shima Kanko Hotel sweets and gifts, as well as a wide selection of local products.

Fitness Gym

Gym for the use of Hotel Guests

A spacious gym equipped with aerobic training equipment and running machines with LCD panels. Guests can refresh mind and body while basking in the rays of the sun streaming through the gym`s wide windows.(Guests only)

Mikimoto Shop

A collection of goods from the global brand, "Mikimoto Pearl"

A stunning selection of pearl jewellery, cosmetics and accessories.



Enjoy the garden walks.

In the 6,600 square meter garden seasonal flowers bloom, it will produce the unique atmosphere of the resort hotel. It's most suitable as a commemorative photograph spot in addition to walking.

Observation Deck

Observation Deck

View of the Ago-Bay from the top floor

The sunset in Ago-Bay is selected to "sunset hundred election of Japan", one of the landscape that represents Shima. You can see the beautiful sunset from the hotel.

Swimming Pool - Outdoor

Swimming Pool - Outdoor

Outdoor pool surrounded by greenery

Open during summer season only. Only staying person is available.
The swimming pool is located in the adjacent Shima Kanko Hotel the Classic.
Children pool is also available.



SPA service provided in the Bay Suite

The spa facility where treatments using a French skin care brand "Clarins" can be received. Please spend some time of paradise in a space filled with atmosphere of the resort.
Business hours: 14:30 - last reception at 21:30

Rental Cycle

Rental Cycle

Go for a bike ride to feel the breeze of Ise Shima

You want to see sights that can be overlooked if driving or to go to a place that is a little too far to walk - a bicycle is recommended in such cases.
Why don't you go for a bike ride to discover your own Ise Shima?

We have four 24-speed mountain bikes manufactured by Giant.

Shima Kanko Hotel The Classic

Shima Kanko Hotel The Classic

731Shinmei, Ago-cho, Shima City, Mie 517-0502, Japan

Check-in time 14:00

Check-out time 11:00

Tel: +81-599-43-1211

Fax: +81-599-43-3538