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0120-333-001 (Inside Japan Only) Weekday / 9:00~22:00 Saturdays, holidays / 9:00~20:00

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Café & Wine Bar Lien

A wine bar retaining character from the time of the hotel's founding

During the day, Lien serves as a relaxing café and lunch spot with views of the Japanese garden and Ise’s nature, while at night guests enjoy select wines and light meals with a view of the illuminated garden.

Teppanyaki Restaurant Yamabuki

Choice Ise-Shima ingredients grilled right in front of you

Chefs grill Ise-Shima seafood and Matsusaka beef on a plate in front of your eyes. Fresh ingredients are even more delicious in this restaurant's timeless atmosphere.

Shima Kanko Hotel The Club

Shima Kanko Hotel The Club

731Shinmei, Ago-cho, Shima City, Mie 517-0502, Japan

Check-in time
The Classic:14:00
The Bay Suites:15:00

Check-out time
The Classic:11:00
The Bay Suites:12:00

Tel: +81-599-43-1211

Fax: +81-599-43-3538

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