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Recommended spots in Ise Shima

There are many sightseeing destinations in Shima that can be enjoyed throughout the year. Discover special spots in Shima for yourself!

Ise Jingu, officially 'Jingu', comprises 125 shinto shrines

Naiku, officially known as Kotaijingu is dedicated to Amaterasu-Omikami, the ancestral deity and Geku, Toyo'uke-daijingu is dedicated to Toyo'uke-no-Omikami, the deity of food and industry. Including the subsidiary Shinto shrines and sanctuaries that belong to the Naiku and Geku, there are a total of 125 shrines. (45 minutes by car from the hotel to Naiku)

The path of prayers to connect the two major sacred sites.

“ Kumano Kodo Iseji Route” is the path of prayers to connect Kumano Sanzan and Ise-jingu Shrine.Kumano Sanzan consists of three grand shrines of Kumano, “Kumano Hongu-taisha Shrine,”“ Kumano Hayatama-taisha Shrine” and“ Kumano Nachi-taisha Shrine”.Kumano Kodo routes were registered as UNESCO World Heritage.(90 minutes by car ride from the hotel to Magose-toge pass)

Ise-Shima National Park

Japan's 13th national park, and the first to be designated after World War II.

Stretching 50 km east-west and 40 km north-south,the park includes the forests of Ise Shrine, land from three cities and one town. The city of Shima, in which Shima Kanko Hotel is located, is almost entirely part of this national park.
Long ago, it was a culturally important city that provided food to the imperial court; ever since then,it has been considered an historic region in which residents live in harmony with nature.

Shima Spain Village Parque España

We are the official hotel of Shima Spain Village.

Parque España is a theme park filled with the charm of Spain and a bright and cheerful atmosphere, featuring attractions such as Spanish townscape and authentic flamenco. (20 minutes by car from the hotel)

Shima Marineland

An aquarium where ocean sunfish (Mola-mola) are swimming

Shima Marineland is an aquarium where you can see various see creatures, including ocean sunfish and penguins. (5 minutes on foot from the hotel)

Ago-Bay cruising

Take a 50 minute tour around Ago Bay in the Esperanza, a sightseeing boat modeled after a Spanish galleon. (10 minutes on foot from the hotel)

Shima Nature School

Offers a range of outdoor and nature programs

Shima Nature School offers a variety of activities that allow you to get in touch with nature, including sea kayaking and water balling in the calm Ago Bay. (30 minutes by car from the hotel)

Daiozaki Lighthouse

Daiozaki is one of the three capes of Shima.

Open to the public, the brilliant white Daiozaki Lighthouse stands atop cliffs lashed by the breakers of the Pacific. (20 minutes car ride from the UGATA Station of KINTETSU Railways)

Yokoyama Observatory

The view of Ago Bay from Yokoyama Observatory, located at an altitude of 203 m, is one of the landscapes that represent the Ise Shima area, which has received one star in "Michelin Green Guide Japon." (20 minutes by car from the hotel)

Kintetsu Kashikojima Country Club

A golf course surrounded by rich nature

This prestigious, resort-style course is surrounded by the sea and beautiful greenery. (10 minutes by car from the hotel)

Tomoyama Park

A site area of 100 hectares

Facing Ago Bay, Tomoyama Park has a beautiful irregular shoreline that offers a range of leisure options including a campground, beaches for swimming, and sports facilities. (25 minutes car ride from the UGATA Station of KINTETSU Railways)

Jiro-Rokuro Beach

Observe seaside nature

Jiro-Rokuro Beach is a spot where you can enjoy swimming while enjoying nature at the same time. (25 minutes car ride from the UGATA Station of KINTETSU Railways)

Kashikojima Hojoen Hot Spring

14:00~21:30 (last admission)

Enjoy a natural hot spring at Kashikojima Hojoen.Voucher is sold at the front desk
(including towel)


Reservation required at front desk

Three planes all-weather artificial turf coats are provided at Miyako Resort Shima Bayside Terrace
.Enjoy your play with friends while feeling the pleasant sea breeze.

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