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"Parque España", the theme park where "Spain, a country of passion" is made a theme

"Parque España", the theme park where "Spain, a country of passion" is made a theme Various attractions and shows can be enjoyed by from children to adults in the park. You can also enjoy the reproduced cityscape of Spain and a gourmet on the break. You can enjoy cheerfully at ease all day long!

Relaxed dreamy state of mind, while watching the sinking sun

A natural hot spring "Himawari-no-Yu," surrounded by the magnificent nature.
The quality is of an alkaline simple spring, there is efficacy of health promotion, including poor circulation measures and nerve-pain treatment. Relax your mind and body in the hot springs, after playing in the Parque Espana.

An aquarium where ocean sunfish (Mola-mola) are swimming

Leisurely swimming sunfish in innocent look and four kinds penguins including King penguins are the popular marks.
The fish feeding Amas, women divers, are also only in Shima.

Driveway in the sky of mountain that connects the Ise and Toba areas

The 16 km "Sky-driveway," connecting the Ise Jingu Okage-yokocho and Toba city. From the summit observatory at an altitude of 500 m, the majestic panorama of Ise-Bay and Ise-Shima can be seen naturally, you can also look up the Mount Fuji if the weather allows. There is also a sightseeing tower with foot-bath, you can enjoy the view relaxedly.

Ago-Bay cruising

In the luxury liner "Esperanza," gracefully cruising through the 60 islands and myriad dotted pearl farming rafts

A relaxed leisurely Toba-Bay sightseeing and a fun on the Dolphin Island

Slow and relaxed sightseeing on a pleasure boat in the Toba-Bay where islands are scattered. The ship will call at a port of "Dolphin Island." The dolphins and sea lions show can be viewed in the Dolphin Island.

A golf course surrounded by the rich nature

The magnificent course layout, taking in the ria coast of the beautiful nature.
It is a prestigious course representing the Kintetsu group.

A resort golf course overlooking the Ago-Bay and the Pacific Ocean

The full-scale seaside resort golf course, rich in the strategy characteristics, taking in nature skillfully with the scenery of Ago-Bay and the Pacific ocean.

Shrine worshiping Amaterasu-Omikami with a history of 2000 years. The large precincts of the Isuzugawa bank are lined with shrines of the Japanese old architecture, including the Goshogu, the main shrine.

Enshrined is Toyouke-Omikami, a goddess who protects food, clothing, shelter, and industry. The shrines such as Goshoden and Takanomiya, in Yuiitsu Shinmei Zukuri style, surrounded by big cedar trees, are laid-out in the precincts of the Takakura-yama mountain foot.

Hotel Shima Spain Mura

Hotel Shima Spain Mura

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