Miyako City Tokyo Takanawa Opening February 11th, 2019

The Takanawa area has historical reasons to be a favorite destination for travelers. The hotel will bring about an image of a "teahouse" where travelers would meet and rest in a busy gateway area to Edo.
We hope our hotel will continue to be your favorite hideaway to relax and reset yourself.

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- Concept -
A brand new day begins.

After waking up from a good sleep, you can get the feeling that you will have a great day.
Well, we are here to make your next day a great day as possible.

The room is furnished with specially chosen amenities. The original bed will provide high quality sleep. The bathroom is comfortable and relaxing. The special breakfast will recharge you for the exciting day ahead.

The time spent in our hotel is an important time to loosen and then reboot your body and mind. We offer contentment and convenience, and above all, a level of comfort that can be offered only by a hotel.

Selected Guest Rooms

199 guest rooms in total.
All the king-double bedrooms are furnished with an original mattress (180cm wide) made jointly with Simmons.

All the bathrooms have washing space. We believe these things to be essential for comfort.

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Special Breakfast

The staple of the breakfast is sandwiches.
To prepare you for an energy-filled day, we serve breakfast that is not just tasty-looking but delicious and voluminous.
At the side-dish bar, vegetables, fruits, and drinks are offered to your liking.

Direct trains from the AIRPORTS to SHINAGAWA STATION


About 75 min. from Narita Airport to Shinagawa sta. by JR Narita Express


About 15 min. from Haneda Airport to Shinagawa sta. by Keikyu Railways

Miyako City Tokyo Takanawa

Miyako City Tokyo Takanawa

3-19-17 Takanawa,Minato-ku, Tokyo

108-0074, Japan