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Glamorous and elegant main banquet hall

With a ceiling height of six meters, the grand banquet hall presents an open feel featuring elegant chandeliers and the marble walls to project a graceful atmosphere. Featuring the most up-to-date facilities available such as a simultaneous interpretation device, it can flexibly accommodate various types of large-scale gatherings from parties with up to 600 guests to international conferences. Additionally, if combined with Saga, the banquet hall opposite, it can be used as a venue for an event of up to 1,000 guests.

Max. occupancy 800 ppl
Hall area 746 SQM


Banquet with a chic and relaxing feel

This medium-size banquet hall is characterized by a glamorous yet chic ambiance created by a unique décor of contrasting brown shades. Its size is best suited for wedding receptions or dinner parties of around 100 to 150 guests. It can also be segmented into three function rooms, each of which can accommodate 60 persons, for gatherings such as dinner meetings and seminars.

Max. occupancy 300 ppl
Hall area 444 SQM


A banquet hall reflecting the green beauty of a Japanese garden

The hall features a stylish harmony of dark brown base colors and a view of lush greenery in the Japanese garden. The hall presents special charms that are particular to day and night, creating unique and vivid impressions under natural sunlight and when bathed in reflection from the nighttime garden illumination. It is versatile enough to accommodate a varied range of gatherings including parties, conferences, and wedding receptions.

Max. occupancy 200 ppl
Hall area 342 SQM

Small Banquet Room

Small banquet halls selectable depending on the purpose

Small banquet halls with different feels created by the different wall panels and lightings. You can choose the most suitable hall for your gathering according to the type of event (business meeting, seminar, convivial meeting, party, engagement reception, etc.), the number of participants and the table layout.

Max. occupancy 60 ppl
Hall area 67 SQM
Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo

Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo

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