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0120-333-001 (Inside Japan Only) Weekday / 9:00~22:00 Saturdays, holidays / 9:00~20:00


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You will be treated by experienced staff members of the hotel as the guest house of Tsu City.

Various venues are provided: meeting and dinner at the small number of people; large banquet hall serving buffet for 250 people. The Internet facilities are also provided. Please enjoy hotel unique hospitality of various dishes of Japanese and Western styles.


High-quality main banquet in the elegant space

This is a large banquet hall arranged with sophisticated yet dynamic green and red lines that are irregularly crossing each other just like vivid vine and fruits, as an image of eternal encounter between people.

Max. occupancy 250 ppl
Hall area 360 SQM


A cozy and warmhearted space

Medium size banquet hall creating mixture of classic and modern space, in the motif of traditional pattern acanthus.

Max. occupancy 120 ppl
Hall area 140 SQM


A calm space most suitable for meetings and dinner of small number people

Small size banquet hall reflecting a luxuriant and light atmosphere with the carpet in calm brown color tone on which rings are designed.

Miyako City Tsu

Miyako City Tsu

7-15, Daimon, Tsu City, Mie 514-0027, Japan

Check-in time 13:00(15:00 from April 1, 2019)

Check-out time 12:00(11:00 from April 1, 2019)

Tel: +81-59-228-1111

Fax: +81-59-227-3764