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"Ise-Jingu Shrine", a Japanese spiritual home and the "Suzuka Circuit", F1 Japanese Grand Prix site, are in the neighborhood. It is also convenient for the amusement parks Shima Spain Village and Nagashima Resort.

A mobility theme park where Japan F1 Grand-Prix are being held.

This is an amusement park, equipped with engine mobile vehicles courses in the vast area of 145 ha, or 2.05 million square meters size.
There is lot of originality in the vehicles, from those small children can ride alone, to be earnestly competed in a family or among friends.

A topic power spot

It enshrines Sarutahiko Okami, known as the god of good luck guide, where worshipers visit from all over the country.
In the solemn precincts surrounded by trees there is a Japanese tea room "Reishoan" which was donated by founder of Panasonic, the venerable Mr. Konosuke Matsushita, where is open to the general public regardless of the tea school.

Yuki-jinja shrine

Nationally famous for its "weeping plum" blossoms.

In the precinct shin'en, about 300 "weeping plum" trees and 80 other species plum trees are planted, and red, white, blue white, pink, colored plum flowers greets worshipers. Yuki Shrine plum festival: From mid February to mid March

Sakakibara Onsen spa

One of Japan's three major excellent hot water.

In the "Makuranososhi (The Pillow Book)" 117 stage handwritten by Sei Shonagon, a woman writer of the 10th century, writes "Famous hot waters are, Nanakuri, Arima, and Tamatsukuri." This "Nanakuri hot water" is nothing but the Sakakibara Onsen. The Nanakuri was a pronoun of a hot spring, in Kyoto the then capital.

Ise Jingu Shrine

The Japanese spiritual home, called "Oise san."

One hour drive on the Ise Motorway.
Address: 1 Ujitachi-cho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture
Contact: Jinja Honcho Office, Telephone: 0596-24-1111

The theme park filled with charm and passion of Spain, where adults and children can enjoy

Nagashima Resort

General resort facility

You can enjoy the Nabana-no-Sato famous for its "Winter Illumination," the relaxing hot spring, jumbo seawater pool in the summer season, and the year round outlet shopping.
The largest amusement park in the Tokai-Nagoya district, about 40 attractions set in, including the world level coaster "Steel Dragon 2000" and wooden coaster "White Cyclone."

Miyako City Tsu

Miyako City Tsu

7-15, Daimon, Tsu City, Mie 514-0027, Japan

Check-in time 13:00(15:00 from April 1, 2019)

Check-out time 12:00(11:00 from April 1, 2019)

Tel: +81-59-228-1111

Fax: +81-59-227-3764