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Large banquet hall perfect for KYOTO, the city of conventions

MIZUHO‐NO‐MA can accommodate a buffet-style party with 2,000 guests. It can also be segmented into two or four smaller halls, which can simultaneously accommodate events, depending on the number of participants and type of event. The combination of dome lighting and fantastic interior decor creates an elegant, gorgeous atmosphere.

Max. occupancy 2,000 ppl
Hall area 1,650 SQM


A banquet hall steeped in Japanese elegance

This hall, decorated with stained glass panels depicting the three most renowned festivals in Kyoto, features serene vistas of the Higashiyama Hills with lush greens and a marvelous walk-through garden, which is a registered cultural property of the City of Kyoto. Aoi-den, the legendary hall that has banqueted many VIPs including state and official guests, offers a perfect setting for international exchanges.

Max. occupancy 270 ppl
Hall area 343 SQM


Reopened after being remodeled on February 15, 2014 

A banquet hall filled with light, featuring two Chinese phoenixes on the wall. It also has an wood deck terrace, on which you can have a panoramic view of rich nature of Higashiyama and the cityscape of Kyoto.

Max. occupancy 220 ppl
Hall area 209 SQM


A banquet hall facing a Japanese garden that is a registered cultural property of the City of Kyoto

MINORI-NO-MA faces a walk-through garden that treats guests to the charms of a wonderfully Japanese aesthetic that changes season by season. The carefully-selected interior decor enhances the hall's elegance.

Max. occupancy 120 ppl
Hall area 150 SQM


A banquet hall in a dignified French Baroque style

ATAGO-NO-MA is a hall featuring a dignified French Baroque style. Beautiful landscape paintings adorn the walls, recreating the view from an antique French castle and producing a glamorous atmosphere.

Max. occupancy 160 ppl
Hall area 188 SQM


A banquet hall designed in the colonial style, characterized by a mixture of international architectural flavors

HIEI-NO-MA is the only hall in the hotel to feature marble-like flooring. Using white as a base color, the interior decor presents a simple yet elegant atmosphere. The twinkling light from the chandeliers is sure to enhance the guests' splendor.

Max. occupancy 160 ppl
Hall area 182 SQM

Cosmos Hall

Cosmos Hall featuring a quiet atmosphere is best suited for conferences and seminars

Decorated in refreshing color shades, Cosmos Hall presents a quiet and calm atmosphere. It can accommodate diverse gatherings including parties, international conferences, exhibitions, and the like.

Max. occupancy 230 ppl
Hall area 242 SQM

Circular Room

Function room with a bright, refined ambiance. A favorite amongst VIPS.

Boasting a magnificent view of Kyoto from the terrace, the room allows all guests to enjoy a superb view no matter where they are seated. The adjoined terrace and gallery in front of the room provide additional spaces where guests can spend an enchanting time.

Max. occupancy 40 ppl
Hall area 67 SQM


Rooms best suited for meetings and private dinners with selective guests or the use as a waiting room

CHIGUSA-NO-MA are small function rooms that are perfect for meetings.
Located close to the medium-sized banquet rooms, they can be conveniently used as waiting areas.

Max. occupancy 10 ppl
Hall area 35 SQM (Chigusa no Ma 1),
50 SQM (Chigusa no Ma 2)


The perfect space for a pre-wedding get-together or engagement ceremony

A quiet atmosphere makes this room best suited to private dinner for small groups. Equipped with a sofa set, it presents a sense of private space where the guests can spend a relaxing time.

Max. occupancy 10 ppl
Hall area 55 SQM


The perfect halls for meetings

KIKU-NO-MA / RAN-NO-MA / TAKE-NO-MA are best suited for meetings. Moreover, located close to large banquet rooms, they can be conveniently used as a waiting room.

Max. occupancy 60 ppl
Hall area 76 SQM (KIKU/TAKE),
71 SQM (RAN)
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