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Fitness Center

Fitness Center

Fitness center equipped with pools and various gym machines

Our fitness center is equipped with swimming pools, various gym machines, a sauna, a jacuzzi, and shower rooms. Rental sports gear including sportswear and swimsuits is also available for a fee.
[Open hours] 6:00~21:00 (Gym area is open 24 hours a day)
[Price] 515 JPY per person per day (hotel guests only)*Use of the gym area (training machine) is for free.
[Location] 3F

Kids Room

Kids Room

Kids Room with a slide

Kids Room is a place where small children can play. There are also a private space for breast-feeding or changing diapers.
[Open hours] 24 hours a day
[Reception] Front desk
[Location] 2F

Baby Sitter Serivc

Baby Sitter Serivce

We take care of your children in the Kids Room

We offer a babysitting service in guest rooms, banquet hall waiting rooms, or the Miyabikun Kids Room. Please make an advance reservation with our concierge.
(Please contact us for the fee.)
[Open hours] 24 hours a day

Skin Care Salon

Skin Care Salon

Luxurious hospitality to your mind and body

A professional skin care salon that was established in Paris in 1946 and is very popular in Europe. [Open hours] 10:30~20:30 TEL: +81-75-761-9587 (Direct line) [Location] 3F

Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden

Enjoy a cultural property in our hotel

The hotel has several gardens including those designed by the famous landscape architects Jihei Ogawa and Hakuyo Ogawa, which are registered amongst the cultural properties of Kyoto as Special Places of Scenic Beauty.

※Please note that we are undergoing major renovation works from 1st of October, 2018 to the end of March, 2020.
During this period, the Kasui-en remains closed to visitors.
Thanking for your continued patronage and assuring you of our best services at all times.



We offer a special parking discount to hotel guests and customers.

Special discounted fees
[Hotel guests] 1,000 JPY per night *Guests have access to the parking lot until 13:00 on the day of check-out.
[Party attendees] Free of charge for 3 hours
[Wedding attendees] Free of charge for 5 hours
[Visitors to restaurants/other facilities] Free of charge for 2 hours *Only with purchases totaling 3,000 JPY or more
Normal parking fees
[8:00~22:00] 200 JPY per 30 minutes
[22:00~8:00] 100 JPY per 60 minutes
[Maximum fee per day] 2,000 JPY *After 24:00 additional fees are calculated at the rates indicated above.
* The above fees include tax.

Liebe Fashion & Souvenir Shop

Liebe Fashion & Souvenir Shop

An array of items including famous confectioneries, local specialties, and traditional products

We provide an exclusive selection of accessories, bags, and small goods.
[Open hours] 8:00~19:00
[Location] 2F

Florist, Flower Coordinate

Florist, Flower Coordinate

We provide quality professional services that perfectly meet your needs for everything from bouquets for guests to large flower arrangements for any venue.

[Open hours]
10:00~18:00 (Until 19:00 on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays)
+81-75-771-2752 (Direct line)

Souvenir and Convenience Store

Souvenir and Convenience Store

Souvenir and Convenience Store offering an array of items

Our Souvenir and Convenience Store carries a wide variety of items, from small Japanese goods and crafts to drinks, snacks, items for traveling, and convenience store items.
[Open hours] 7:30~22:30
[Location] B1F
[TEL] +81-75-762-0055 (Direct line)


Total wedding coordination with gorgeous wedding attire

Our staff is always delighted to help you with a new seasonal lineup of wedding attire including wedding dresses best-suited to Western-style ceremonies and gorgeous wedding kimonos that radiate traditional beauty in front of Shinto altars.
[Open hours] 10:00~18:00
[Location] 1F
[TEL] +81-75-751-7722 (Direct line)

Pure, Beauty Salon

Our salon offers total beauty services such as hairstyling, aesthetic treatments, nail care, and kimono dressing.

[Open hours] 10:00~18:00
[Closed] Monday and the 4th Tuesday (If Monday is a holiday, closed on the following Tuesday.)
[Location] B1F
[TEL] +81-75-761-1477 (Direct line)


We offer hairstyling and facial shaving.

[Open hours] 9:00~19:00
[Closed] Monday
[Location] B1F
[TEL] +81-75-771-9938 (Direct line)

The Westin Miyako Kyoto

The Westin Miyako Kyoto

1 Awataguchi Kachocho,Higashiyama-ku,Kyoto 605-0052,Japan

Check-in time 15:00

Check-out time 11:00

Tel: +81-75-771-7111

Fax: +81-75-751-2490

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