A New Chapter in Hospitality


The Westin Miyako Kyoto is delighted to announce its renovation on a large scale to be reborn as a high-class luxury hotel representing Kyoto before reaching the milestone of its 130th anniversary in 2020.

Open November 27, 2019 (Wednesday)

営業時間 / 6:30~22:30
We will open All-Day Dining "RAQOU" with a live kitchen.
Open Hours / 6:30~22:30

The interior image

The interior image of live kitchen

ティーラウンジ「MAYFAIR」 営業時間 / 9:00~21:00
バー「麓座」営業時間 / 17:00~24:00
Tea Lounge "MAYFAIR" Open Hours / 9:00~21:00
Bar "ROKUZA" Open Hours / 17:00~24:00

The interior image of Tea Lounge"MAYFAIR"

The interior image of Bar"ROKUZA"

客室 / Guest Room

Renewed room is spacious and calm that has a living room and a bedroom separately.

リビングルーム / Livingroom

ベッドルーム / Bedroom

ウェスティン クラブ / Westin Club

ウェスティン クラブイメージ
The interior image of "Westin Club"

ウェスティン クラブイメージ
The interior image of "Westin Club"

Open December 9, 2019(Monday)

レストラン / Restaurant

レストランDominique Bouchet Kyoto(ドミニク・ブシェ キョート)「Le RESTAURANT」(フレンチ)、「Le Teppanyaki」(鉄板焼)が誕生
営業時間 / Le RESTAURANT 11:30~14:30(土・日・祝日のみ), 17:00~21:00
Le TEPPANYAKI 11:30~14:30, 17:00~21:30

Dominique Bouchet Kyoto 〝Le RESTAURANT" and Le 〝Teppanyaki" will be open in Dec, 2019.
Open Hours / Le RESTAURANT 11:30~14:30, 17:00~21:00
※Lunch is only available on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
Le Teppanyaki 11:30~14:30, 17:00~21:30

ドミニク・ブシェ キョート「Le RESTAURANT」店内イメージ
The interior image of Dominique Bouchet Kyoto 〝Le RESTAURANT"

ドミニク・ブシェ キョート「Le Teppanyaki」店内イメージ
The interior image of Dominique Bouchet Kyoto 〝Le Teppanyaki"

2020年 グランドリニューアルオープン
Grand renewal opening in 2020

スパ / Spa


A new spa facility will be introduced by utilizing a hot spring dug on the hotel property.
In a spacious area of approximately 1,000m2 in total, a new design using the image of Suirokaku will be adopted and a semi open-air spa will also be arranged to be integrated with the garden leading to Mt. Kacho, ensuring that guests can indulge themselves into Japan’s hot spring culture.

The interior image of“Spa”

The interior image of“Reception”

佳水園 / Kasui-en


In the redesign work, the beautiful and rhythmical appearance using the natural landscape with the resulting height differences, as well as the public space, which is designed by Togo Murano, will be maintained. At the same time, the guest room area would be significantly enlarged by combining two rooms into one, and the hotel is providing Japanese bedrooms to promote improvement of habitability. The hotel will also offer high level Japanese hospitality appropriate for Kyoto by tapping hot spring water for each bathroom.

The interior image of a guest room in "Kasui-en"