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Ise no ma

Large banquet room corresponding to various scenes

Available for 2-3 split separations, depending on your application. Space full of a feeling of opening under 7 meter height ceiling.
It also supports a large variety of societies and national convention in the modern atmosphere of European taste.

Max. occupancy BUFFET 700 ppl / DINNER 400 ppl /
CLASS ROOM 510 ppl / THEATER 930 ppl
Hall area 720 SQM

Suzuka no ma

Have a moment of peaceful party, in the space of gaiety and the composure

Stylish space where high-quality time flows. It can be used for multi-purpose, including a meeting, a ceremony, a social gathering, an alumni association and a farewell and welcome party. Available for 2 split separations.

Max. occupancy BUFFET 250 ppl / DINNER 200 ppl /
CLASS ROOM 210 ppl / THEATER 480 ppl
Hall area 380 SQM

Asake no ma

Medium size banquet room with calm and relaxed interior

Classical and modern taste to produce a relaxed space, just like in an European residence.
It's recommended for a party in the warm atmosphere with the close guests invited in your home. Available for 2 split separations, depending on your application.

Max. occupancy BUFFET 130 ppl / DINNER 120 ppl /
CLASS ROOM 130 ppl / THEATER 220 ppl
Hall area 234 SQM

Sky Banquet room "La Mer"

The Sky banquet on the top floor at 70 m ground height

A spacious large panorama room on the 16 floor. You can enjoy a sunny feast surrounded by views of the day from Suzuka Mountains to Ise Bay, and a romantic moment while watching the night view that extends under eyes.

Max. occupancy BUFFET 90 ppl / DINNER 80 ppl
Hall area 198 SQM

Kinsen no Ma / Hakusen no Ma

For the conference and your dinner in a small number of people ....

Suited for a ceremonial exchange of betrothal presents, kinship meeting, and small dining together. You can spend a calm and peaceful moment. It can be also available functionally, such as for a waiting room or an executive office of workshops and lectures.

Max. occupancy BUFFET 30 ppl / DINNER 24 ppl
Hall area 66 SQM

Suzuran no Ma

It is also available for a small number of conference or dining.

Small banquet room suited for small meeting and a waiting room for various purposes. It is also available for a small number of dining together.

Max. occupancy BUFFET 20 ppl / DINNER 16 ppl
Hall area 46 SQM
Miyako Hotel Yokkaichi

Miyako Hotel Yokkaichi

1-3-38, Yasujima, Yokkaichi City, Mie 510-0075, Japan

Check-in time 14:00

Check-out time 11:00

Tel: +81-59-352-4131

Fax: +81-59-352-4141