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You can enjoy there in the jumbo swimming in the summer season, the Winter Illumination, the amusement park, and the year round outlet shopping.

The largest amusement park in the Tokai-Nagoya district, about 40 attractions set in, including the world level coaster "Steel Dragon 2000" and wooden coaster "White Cyclone."
You will enjoy the vast sea water swimming pool of the Japan largest size 70,000 SQM in the summer.
It is popular as a comprehensive leisure spot that can excited with the elderly to children by the adjacent facilities, including one-day use natural open-air bath "Yuamino Shima, (or an island of hot-water)", and the "Nabanano-sato" where wonderful illumination is exhibited in the winter season.

The highlights here are flowers that can be enjoyed in every season and the Japan's largest illumination attractions in winter.

This theme park is located in the Nagara River waterfront where you can enjoy the flower garden and the tree garden. The rich nature and various facilities are located in harmony and there is a large greenhouse "Begonia Garden" consisting of four buildings. The Tulip Festival and the Cosmos Festival are held in the seasons, and large-flowered dahlia, iris, hydrangea, roses can be enjoyed, and the Japan's largest illumination is also displayed in winter. The facilities are added such as the local beer restaurant "Nagashima Beer Garden" and other seven various restaurants, an open-air bath Nagashima hot spring "Satonoyu" which is surrounded by flowers and trees of the season.

A complex spa resort on the theme of "healing and food", directed by Hironobu Tsujiguchi, patissier, and Masayuki Okuda, chef of the Italian food.

Here, popular facilities are accumulated, including Kataoka Hot Springs with 100% source hot-spring shower on the back (Kakenagashi), patisserie and stone-oven bread, strawberry garden, Italian restaurant, Japanese food, and farm for rent.
■Bath time: 6:00 - 24:00
■Adult:600 JPY, Child: 300 JPY (3 years old - elementary student), Infant: Free of charge (less than 3 years)
■Ope-air bath: Available 
■Reserved bat: None
■Regular holiday: Always open

A topic power spot

It enshrines Sarutahiko Okami, known as the god of good luck guide, where worshipers visit from all over the country.
In the solemn precincts surrounded by trees there is a Japanese tea room "Reishoan" which was donated by founder of Panasonic, the venerable Mr. Konosuke Matsushita, where is open to the general public regardless of the tea school. Business hours: 8:00 - 17:00

25 minutes by train from Yokkaichi, rich hot water boasting Yunoyama Onsen

Air stroll, feeling the season

Total length 2,161 m, height difference 780 m, requiring time of 12 minutes to enjoy the world's leading scale of the air walk. Spring Azalea flowers in full bloom in spring, go-out for enjoying cool on an evening and run after red dragonfly in summer, fall foliage can be enjoyed from mid-October to late November, the color of red, yellow, and brown shades adorned the mountain. A lot of skiers flock to the only one ski resort in the Prefecture, and beautiful "trees covered with hoar frost and ice cascade" can be enjoyed in winter. The spot where you can enjoy in every season. Business hours: 9:00 - 17:00

The place enjoyable by family from motor-sport to Hot Springs

This is an amusement park, equipped with engine mobile vehicles courses in the vast area of 145 ha, or 2.05 million SQM. There is lot of originality in the vehicles, from those small children can ride alone, to be earnestly competed in a family or among friends.

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